Great Dane Club of
Northern California

established in 1947

Standing Rules
of the Great Dane Club of Northern California, Inc.

  1. All meetings will be held on Saturday unless otherwise specified. (10/29/05)
  2. All club meetings will commence at 11 AM unless otherwise specified. (10/29/05)
  3. The show chair will select conformation judges for the specialty shows from a standing list provided and maintained by the club membership. (10/29/05)
  4. Initial membership fees to include a non-refundable $10 per application processing fee along with the current annual dues. (amended 3/22/13)
  5. Active members of the same household, not to exceed two members per couple, shall pay the same annual rate as for couples. (amended 3/22/13)
  6. All members shall receive a copy of the Club Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics upon application for membership. (11/19/05)
  7. Awards ceremony to be in conjunction with the holiday brunch honoring member’s dogs receiving a title or award for the previous year. (Revised 2/24/07)
  8. Award plaques and/or plates to be given to members whose dogs attained an AKC title, International or Foreign title, or a BIS/BISS award. (11/19/05; amended 9/19/09)
  9. Award plaques and/or plates to be given to members whose dogs/bitches produced an AKC or foreign (out of U.S.A.) champion and/or BIS BISS; effective 11/16/2013. (amended 11/16/13)
  10. Award plaques and/or plates to be given to members whose dogs secure therapy dog title –ThO. (amended 3/22/13)
  11. With the exception of the GDCA Delegate, all officers and board members of the Great Dane Club of Northern California shall not be concurrent board members or officers of any Great Dane specialty clubs with the exception of the Great Dane Club of America. (7/29/06)
  12. Award plaques and/or plates to be given to members whose dogs/bitches earn a “Best of…” at the National including winners of: Top 20, Bred-by-Exhibitor, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Veteran, Futurity, Winners, Opposite Sex, Best Puppy. (11/18/06)
  13. Award plaques and/or plates to be given to members whose dogs/bitches win Best of Bred-by-Exhibitor in Show or Best Puppy in Show at an AKC all-breed dog show. (amended 11/16/13)
  14. Award plaques and/or plates to be given to members whose dogs/bitches achieve the age of ten, and each year thereafter-Venerable Award. (11/18/06)
  15. Unless otherwise delegated, the Vice-president shall be in charge of scheduling and booking facilities for club meetings. (11/17/07).
  16. A Judge’s Selection Committee consisting of three club members (including the Show Chair Person) will be appointed by the President annually. (11/17/07)
  17. No judge will repeat a judging assignment at the GDCNC specialty within a seven-year time frame. (11/17/07)
  18. No more than three board members are voted in by the membership annually. Should a board position be vacated mid-term due to a change of position or by resignation, that position will be filled by appointment by the President and with board approval. (1/12/08)
  19. Judges selected for our club specialties shall be “breeder judges” or those judges having close affiliations with our breed (e.g. handler, author, etc.) (8/2/08)
  20. The mid-summer publication of the Barker will include announcement to members in good standing that they should notify the President or Vice-President of the GDCNC if they are interested in seeking the nomination for a board or officer position and indicate their preference. (11/15/08)
  21. Upon the appointment of a Nomination committee, notification will be sent to all members in good standing as to the members of the committee and encourage those seeking to run for an office or board position to contact a member of the committee stating their preference. (11/15/08)
  22. The annual membership dues for a junior member (18 or younger), shall be one-half that of the dues for the individual membership dues. (9/19/09)
  23. Annual membership fees are to be $50 per "couple" and $30 for individual membership. (9/19/09)
  24. Award plates will be offered for Scent Work competition. One award per dog for the first scent level completed. A separate award will be given for each level of the Scent Work trial attained. (1/7/12)
  25. An award plate will be offered Best Junior Handler received at an all-breed show or at the National specialty show. (1/7/12)
  26. The GDCNC will support two all-breed clubs by providing “trophies”. Those clubs are Golden Valley Kennel Club (November shows) and Richmond Dog Fanciers (August shows). (11/17/12)
  27. Unless otherwise specified, the general membership meeting and board meetings will be held concurrently. (2/9/13)
  28. An award plate will be offered to any member’s dog/bitch who is in the “GDCA Top Twenty” for rally, obedience, agility and conformation. (11/16/13)
  29. An award plate will be offered to a member’s dog/bitch attaining an AKC "Grand Champion" title. (11/16/13)
  30. The "newsletter" referred to in the By-Laws will be consider the club’s Facebook page until such time as a member volunteers as the newsletter editor. (7/18/15)

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