Great Dane Club of
Northern California

established in 1947

Officers, Board & Club Contacts


The 2019 GDCNC Board was elected at the Annual Meeting on January 12, 2019. The year in parentheses following each name is the expiration year of that person's term.

Sam Gillette (2021)

Show Chair

Denise Matulich (2021)

Vice President

Bill Labiak (2021)


Kate Jackson (2021)

Corresponding Secretary
Web Chair

Mabel Labiak (2021)

Recording Secretary

Terri Burley-Hammond (2021)

GDCA Delegate

Pat Dousman (2021)

Board Member
Membership Chair

Sue Dubie-Holbrook (2020)

Board Member

Kevin Forrest (2021)

Board Member

Michelle Gillette (2021)

Board Member
Club Historian
Sunshine Chair

Yvonne Messimer (2020)

Board Member

Lorrie Spencer (2020)

Board Member


GDCNC Code of Ethics

GDCNC Standing Rules



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