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Puppy Match Pictures 2007


Our 2007 Puppy Match was great fun for puppies from 3-to-18-months and their people! GDCNC would like to thank our match Judge Kim Cross and all the exhibitors — and their dogs— who weathered the match with good humor in spite of the extremely hot temperatures!

3-6 Month Puppy Dogs line up for the judge
"Tucker" aka Daynkin's Oh I'm Tuff Too (Ch Whisper Hill's Tuff E Nuff - Ch Ruatha Daynakin Whisper Hill's Tuff E Nuff - Ch Ruatha Daynakin Ladyhawke)
Pepper and "Riley" aka BLK Destiny Calls (Ch BLK's GMJ Think Tank DD - BLK's Alchemist)
Lorrie and "Barney" aka Valinor's One Paper Kid (Ch Obsidian’s Power House - Ch Valinor's I'll Take You There) on the move
Valinor's most recent litter was well-represented at the match: Here's Sally and "Cash", another of the FIVE littermates that competed
Peter and "Dude" aka Valinor's Lord Of The Rings round out the 3-6 puppy dog class
Two of the 6-9 puppy dogs: MoJo and Brew
Sharon and "MoJo" aka T And T's Magic Time
Jane and "Brew" aka Double D Daynakin Party Brew
Denise and "Herky" (Olympus' Heroic Victory)
Allison and "Kissinger" (Equiss Kiss N Mr Big Stuff) in the 9-12 class
And the 12-18 Puppy Dog Class: Mike and "Chance" (Valinor's Chance At Blackjack)
Kathleen and "Wolfie" (Davishire's Beowolf Of Chalk Hill)
Two of the 3-6-month bitches: Rhea and Holly
Bill with "Sophie" aka Valinor's Sophie's Choice
Mike and "Billie" aka Valinor's Rebel Yell -- the fifth of the Valinor littermates in the match
Angie coaxes "Holly" (Double D Daynakin Gold Digger) around the ring
Denise and "Rhea" (Amare's Earthly Pleasure v Olympus) wait for their turn.
The 6-9 bitches line up for the judge
More 6-9 bitches
Sharon and Riva (T And T's Gypsy In My Soul) get ready for the judge
The judge approaches Pat and Sage (Coleridge's Message From Above V Skyranch)
Larry stacks up "Sapphire" (Dana Tlbrk Sapphire Stevens) for the exam
Timmi presents her pretty bitch
Ed sets up "Tyra" (Brinlann's Next Top Model V Oneida)
And in the 9-12 bitch class, Nancy readies Zoey (Marcliff & McKinney's Midnight Run)
Kathleen and 12-18-month "Fannie" (Davishire's Epiphany A'La AJ) are ready
Class winners line up...
Judge Kim Cross finds Wolfie for Best In Match!
And Best Opposite goes to Rhea!

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