Great Dane Club of
Northern California

established in 1947

Parades 2004


CH. MACLEOD'S ANNIE LAURIE. WP555586/05. June 2, 1994. Breeder: owner. By Paradise's Quinn O'Sheridan x Quaker Hill Get Tough Or Go Home. Owner: SHERI S. OLSON. (B)
CH. GOLDMYNE'S RING MASTER. WP906272/02. March 24, 1999. Breeder: Sharon McCrary & Ginger Smith. By Ch. Champagne's Private Stock x Ch. Calico Rock's Moonstruck. Owner: RONALD R. BISCARO & URIEL OSORIO. (D)
CH. BELLDANE'S LOUIE LOUIE. WP974042/05. March 20, 2000. Breeder: Jean M. Bell. By Ch. Longo's Endless Gossip x Ch. Belldane's Time to Rocon Roll. Owners: TAMI WELCH & JEAN BELL. (D) (Agent: Georgia Hymmen)
CH. DELTA BREEZE ARTISTRY FIRE 'N FURY. WR040662/03. Aug. 17, 2001. Breeder: Jim & Barbara Moffett. By Ch. Meadowoods Nirvana V Tremain x Ch. Allegro's Delta Breeze Rhapsody. Owners: JUDY SEARS & BARBARA MOFFETT. (D)
CH. ONEIDA'S NASH BRIDGES. WP908682/06. April 2, 1999. Breeder: owner. By Ch. Dana's Tallbrook Town Crier x Ch. Oneida's Current Affair. Owner: JUDI A. BRIMALDI. (D) (Agent: Ed Grimaldi)
CH. PRESIDIO'S PICASSO. WR008807/06. Jan. 18, 2001. Breeder: Myles Thurman & Trish Hodny. By Spotwerks Ozzie The Dreamer x Presidio's ____. Owner: MYLES THURMAN & JIHY GUIDARELLI. (D)
CH. B & K DARTMOUTH. WR076839/03. Sept. 16, 2002. Breeder: owner. By Ch. Avanti's All For One Elan x Dyna Kindanlind Freya B and K. Owner: BARBARA KRESZYN. (D)
CH. COLERIDGE'S ROMEO TRUE AS STEEL. WR052594/01. Nov. 6, 2001. Breeder: Patricia J. Gurtner. By Coleridge Panoramic By George x Coleridge's Joy To the World. Owners: PAT GURTNER & PRISCILLA M. CHABAL. (D) (Agent: Dianne K. Penner)
CH. DAVISHIRE'S IMPETUOUS A'LA AJ. WR066280/01. April 9, 2002. Breeder: owner. By Ch. BMW Architect of Jericho ROM x Ch. Express D'Shire's Lady in Wait'N. Owner: KATHLEEN S. DAVIS. (B) (Agent: Diane Collings)
CH. HAUERDANE'S BREWED TO PERFECTION. WP937091/01. Sept. 19, 1999. Breeder: Beve Haver. By Ch. MJB Hauerdanes Mr. Coffee x Hauerdane's Make 'N' Whoopie. Owners: DENISE & ROGER WILLIAMS. (B)
CH. MICHELLE MY BELLDANE. WP974042/01. March 20, 2000. Breeder: owner. By Ch. Longo's Endless Gossip x Ch. Belldanes Time to Rocon Roll. Owner: JEAN M. BELL. (B)
CH. VALINOR'S WINNING SHOT V. CND. WP934780/02. Aug. 5, 1999. Breeder: E. Van Dyken, P. Picciau & C. Moses. By Ch. Cheshire's Tailor Made V Longo x Valinor's Mandolin Wind. Owners: C. & D. WARDNER. (D)
AM. INT'L CH. DANERIDGE-TERED SOMELIKEIT HOT. WP978701/03. June 25, 2000. Breeder: Maryann Wilson & Terri Burley Hammond. By ESQ's Aftershock V Daneridge x Daneridge's Dressed to Party. Owners: TERRI BURLEY HAMMOND & EDWARD HAMMOND. (B)
CH. VALINOR'S THE DIVINE MISS M. WR018721/04. April 1, 2001. Breeder: Everett Van Dyken & Paul Picciau. By Cheshire's Tailor Made V Longo x Ch. Warwick's Valinor Flair. Owners: EVERETT VAN DYKEN & PAUL PICCIAU. (B)
BLANTON'S LIT'L BIT COUNTRY. WP839129/04. Feb. 11, 1998. Breeder: owners. By Ch. Sheleea's Country Boy Von Raseac x Jerico's Lady Michayla. Owners: KIM & DANNIE BLANTON. (B)
CH. MACLEOD'S ANNIE LAURIE. WP555586/05. June 2, 1994. Breeder: owner. By Paradise's Quinn O'Sheridan x quaker Hill Get Tough Or Go Home. Owner: SHERI S. OLSON. (B)
BRZ'S RAINMAKER V CAROUSEL. WP741836/03. Nov. 4, 1996. Breeder: Robert M. Santimays. By Ch. Aldawn's Ever-Ready x Ch. Deltabreeze Krisp Knight Air. Owners: C. & D. WARDNER. (D)
BISS, CH. ALANO'S DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. WP533340/02. Jan. 5, 1994. Breeder: Bill & Sandy Tombori. By Ch. Maitau's Top Billing x Ch. Alano's Anastasia of Maitau. Owners: STEVEN & LUCRETIA MARCUS. (D)

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