Great Dane Club of
Northern California

established in 1947

Instructions for completing membership application:

  1. Read membership guidelines and "Code of Ethics". They are for your information and to keep for your own records.
  2. Complete the two-sided application.
  3. Secure the signatures of two club members who have known you more than six months, are not related to you, and are willing to sponsor you.
  4. Fees include a nonrefundable $10 initiation fee and membership fees, some of which go toward the Great Dane rescue allotment and are prorated.
  5. Make a check out to the GDCNC in the amount of $40 (individual) or $60 (family).
  6. Send the completed application, along with your check to the membership chair:
    Pat Dousman, PO Box 58, Dobbins, CA 95935

Two classes of membership:

Open to any person in good standing with The American Kennel Club and The Great Dane Club of America who subscribe to the purposes of this club, provided that such a person, or any member of their family owns, or has owned a Great Dane, or applicants that are interested in the welfare of the Great Dane.

  • Regular Members: any person 18 years of age, or older, who has attended two club functions or dog shows, is acquainted with two club members for at least six months, and is located in the area served by this club, may make application. They must abide by "the Code of Ethics" of the Great Dane Club of Northern California, Inc.
  • Junior Members: any person between the ages of 10 and 17 inclusive, who abides by the "Code of Ethics" of the Great Dane Club of Northern California, Inc. may make application.

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